Son&Heir is a creative production company brimming with talented individuals hellbent on doing their part to better the world we live in. With a collaborative approach Son&Heir has expertise in any stage of production, from writing and creative development to execution through to delivery.

Leading the pack is creative Dilly Gent. Sometimes a producer, other times a creative director, and always a fixer, her M.O is best defined as that of a vision crafter. 

Early on, Dilly gained a reputation for her remarkable ability to match the right people with the right project. She’s been the secret sauce behind many of them - steering artists in the right direction, and inspiring others to take up a path that rings more true. Artists, like Radiohead, have depended on her to craft their visual narrative. Working as their Creative Director for 16 years, she commissioned all of their music videos and photography, as well as their visual content. 

From her TV show, “From the Basement,” to the 60 short films Dilly produced for Al Gore’s Live Earth, Dilly has had the good fortune to work alongside many passionate individuals who share her love for the planet. 

Son&Heir is a deliberate move towards continuing that journey, creating content to encourage social change and working alongside brands and artists with a purpose to illustrate what they truly care about: the next generation.